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 ADMIN / GM pls nid help

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ADMIN / GM pls nid help Empty
PostSubject: ADMIN / GM pls nid help   ADMIN / GM pls nid help Icon_minitime1Wed Sep 17, 2008 7:39 am

anu po lvl requirements pra mka pag reborn??? at panu po ang process ng reborn???

@admin : admin bka pde po kau mag lagay ng Gcash s donating system?? d ko ksi alam kung san ang pnka malapit n western union d2 s amin eh at d ko din po alam kung panu mag donate via western union sana po ma approve n ung request ko ^_^V

@GM shin : GM shin pki unbanned nman nung name ko dun s chat d nman po aku ung nka away nio eh pinsan kong walang modo ung nka away mu wla ako d2 s bahay ne2ng nkaraang linggo kka uwi ko lng kahapon galing baguio kung anu man ang nasabi nung pinsan ko sau ako n po ang humuhingi ng dispensa pki unbanned n poh e2ng name n 2 s chat plsss -->> IK`IE`N

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[GM] Chu

ADMIN / GM pls nid help Empty
PostSubject: Re: ADMIN / GM pls nid help   ADMIN / GM pls nid help Icon_minitime1Wed Sep 17, 2008 10:57 am

Our new reborn level requirement will be at level 250 and these are the benefits:

1st Reborn
1) a level 247 skill of you choice
2) the remaining extra buff skills such as Evasion 2, Lightspeed 2, Pow-UP Max, Speed Attack and HP Boost 2.
3) a non-drop +9 crystal set armor with special attribute and higher resistance!
4) +9 EP4 weapon of your choice!
5) and 500 free stat points!!!

The remaining skills will be given to the next consecutive reborn, so just keep on leveling and have fun!!! Smile

Note: The above benefits are subject to change without prior notice.

I hope I got the information correct =D

Hmm.. about your xat account, I'll be willing to unban it as long as you behave yourself =P If there are GMs online by the the time that you're available, then feel free to talk to them - NICELY, and with respect of course =)

Oh, btw, Shin is not a GM. He'll be annoyed if you call him 'GM' again. He's our Event Master [EM]. Please take note of every detail, we don't want anyone to get killed. >:]

About the donation system, I'm really sorry but I can't help you with than -_- Only Admin Ishi has the power over that field. Anyway, continue supporting Demon Ran Extreme and enjoy your stay. =D Take Care.

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ADMIN / GM pls nid help
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