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 GM Status thread. (PLEASE READ)

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GM Status thread. (PLEASE READ) Empty
PostSubject: GM Status thread. (PLEASE READ)   GM Status thread. (PLEASE READ) Icon_minitime1Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:51 am

NOTE: This is the new GM positions that was distributed by our admin, sir Ishi. These positions and its jobs are CURRENTLY IMPLEMENTED. Please be guided accordingly.

Head GM - The highest position. Responsible for the current updates and the main handler of the server.
From Operations - Handles the donation and what the donators want, depending on the donation.
From Administrations - Will conclude a final judgement whether that account will be locked or will stay. If the account user requests for his account to be returned, the GM will unblock the account in an "under provation" status.
From Adiminstrations - If all evidences and judgements are proven GUILTY, the Head GM will conclude whether the player's account will be blocked or deleted. Any judgement is acceptable as long as that player will have proper discipline.

Operations GM - Handles the operation of the server. (Sub categories are to be noted).
From Donations GM - The Operations GM will directly report the notes given to him/her by the Donations GM.

Administrations GM - Handles the administration of the server. (Sub categories are to be noted).
From Registrations GM - Finalizes the in-active accounts within the server, and if proven (for the final observation), he/she will submit the final report to the Head GM.
From Mediator - Will finalize the report of the Game Mediator and will conduct a pre-final judgement on that player.

Under Operations:
Event - The event master. Concludes and conducts the events w/in the server. Responsible for every execution of the event.

Forum (Admin/Moderator) - Have the power to utilize w/in the forums. Also have GM Powers in-game, but most commonly active in the forums where in, he/she assists the players and implements the rules within the forums.

Donations - A GM that handles the donations. This GM lists the donators and what they want, and then analyzes whether that donator submitted a donation in the server. This GM is also responsible for the update of the donations and donators, and MUST directly report it to the Head Operations GM.

Under Administrations:
Registrations - Updates the population of the server. Currently handles the registration of each accounts withing the server, and observes whether that account is active or in-active. If proven to be in-active, this GM will report to the Administrations GM. If the account user requests for his account to be returned, this GM will report it to the head GM.

Disciplinary - Implements the discipline within the GAME ITSELF. Any inappropriate action done by the players will be automatically listed to a "warning w/ a certain degree" status. Those who have that status (depending on the degree) will be hunted by this GM and "CAN FPK" it at sight (for disciplinary purposes).

Mediator - Finalizes the conclusion whether the suspected player is found GUILTY on all offenses. If that player is proven to be guilty, this GM will report it (with evidences) to the Administrations GM.
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GM Status thread. (PLEASE READ)
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