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 Please Observe these Simple In-Game Rules

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PostSubject: Please Observe these Simple In-Game Rules   Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:34 pm

Please follow these simple rules

No cursing or bad-mouthing fellow players.

Be courteous to all members and players at all times.

Help new players level up.

Logout your account in Hamachi network when your finished playing so that

other players can join the game. (Not applicable now)

Complaints should be supported by evidence. ex. screenshot

Use the Forum Shoutbox and chatbox when messaging (instead of using Hamachi to minimize lag.)

Report abusers in Players Feedback Forum.

Dont pretend or use GM in ur ign or hamachi name or in this forum. if admin or gm caught any violator ur ip will be ban.

We wish to have a friendly and enjoyable game experience for all!

Let's Play!

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Posts : 24
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PostSubject: Please Observe these Simple In-Game Rules 2nd   Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:40 pm


1.Account Sharing

All players are allowed to let their friends pilot their accounts. But
it is up to you whom the persons that you'll trust to share your
accounts. It is our responsibility if any loss happens to your

2. Foul Name

Any accounts which have an offensive character names are close to
ban and does not have any excemption or the rights to play on the
AntZoft Ran Online Private Server. If ever you have found any kinds of
offensive name you may report it so that they must not tolerate using
the name all over again!

3. Foul/Spam Words

Don't get use on using the loudspeaker in games. Using loudspeaker
too much may cause slow server connectivity. Use your loudspeaker
wisely and don't spam on the server.

4. Beggars

Any players are not allowed to beg for their items. It is unfair if
beggars are on the server. Beggars may not feel the excitement nor the
thrill on playing the game. Don't get use to give beggars what they
want. Beggars are abusing players and we must stop this kind of system!

5. Reporting

Cooperative players who are willing to report in game problems or
abusers must have prior evidence such as an image/picture, files or
another player as your witness. Reports without evidence are
automatically not accepted.

6. Reminders/Summary of the Rules

Normal players must follow rules and must not tolerate in game
begging. Special/Donator player must not tolerate their special skill
as a threat to other players. It doesn't say that if you are one of the
special players you will always be special. GM's still have the power
to kick you in game. Even if you donated on game there's still a
probability that you may be ban if you do not know hot to follow
orders/rules. "Respect other players so that they may respect you!"

7. Addition Rules About GM's

Starting Today GM's are not allowed to join any Event such us Club Wars!

But due to the fact GM's can participate in the following:

Suryun Event
Party Leveling
Quest Hunting
CW Awarding

To all GM's Please bare with us...

Subjective motions or breaking one of these rules may lead you to
lose of your accounts and to lose connections on playing the game
without prior notice. Breaking basic rules may lead u to 1st offence,
and breaking the in game rules may lead you to other punishment... So
better be machonurin(masunurin/obedient).

1st offence / warning
2nd offence/ you may be ban for an hour or day
3rd offence/ lose accout w/out prior notice
Final or Judicial Offence/ I.P. Ban Forever

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Please Observe these Simple In-Game Rules
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