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 How to connect in the New Demon Ran Xtreme.............

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PostSubject: How to connect in the New Demon Ran Xtreme.............   Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:07 pm

These are the 3 easy Steps to connect in the
new server of Demon Ran Xtreme:

1. Connect to the Hamachi Networks:

Demon Ran Network1
Demon Ran Network2
Demon Ran Network3
Demon Ran Network4
Demon Ran Network5
Demon Ran Network6
Demon Ran Network7

Password: 123456

2. Edit the param .ini and param .cfg, which you can find in the new demon ran folder.
- open them using the notepad and find the login address
- change the IP of login address to:
- then save it...
3. Try to connect in the game, if you can't still connect to the new server and the game.exe error appears.

Download this old game .exe:

rapidshare.com 1969890

and change the game .exe found in the new demon ran folder...

That's all and enjoy the game.......... bounce lol!
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How to connect in the New Demon Ran Xtreme.............
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