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PostSubject: About UpGrade.........   About UpGrade......... Icon_minitime1Sat Jul 12, 2008 10:23 am

1- What is armor/weapon upgrading ?

call upgrade the procedure which allows to up a weapon or an armor, to
up the def of the armor, and to up the attack of the weapon.

2- What items do i have to use to upgrade my item ?

There are 7 different kind of items which can be use to upgrade which
are in 3 categories : items to upgrade against element, items to
upgrade the defense, and items to upgrade the attack.
Items to
upgrade against the elements : crystal (ice resistance) / sodium
(electric resistance) / iron (fire resistance) / silver (poison
resistance) / bone powder (wind resistance). Their higher level (of the
stones) are : fine crystal / fine sodium / fine iron / fine silver /
opulent bone powder.
To up the attack : you have to use burr and fine(or varr) burr : burr for +1 to +4 / and fine burr for +4 to +9
up the defense : you have to use protection pot and luxury protection
pot : protection pot for +1 to +4 / and luxury protection pot for +4 to

3- How can i upgrade my items ?

select your
upgrade item by left clicking on the item, then right click on the
items you want to upgrade. This manipulation works with all kind of
stones (upgrade items).

4- Where can i get those stones ?

You only can get these items by picking up from mobs, they and them only can drop it. You cant get it from NPC.
Otherwise, you can buy those stones from others players, or you can get them from events.

5- What is the maximum upgrade level ?

The maximum upgrade level is +9 (but in some server the maximum is +25, or sometimes +100 > by donating)

6- How many weapon / armor stats are added per upgrade level ?

The added attack power and defence varies from the originally of the weapon (rv, elemental resistance)

7 - What stone do i have to use to upgrade my armor, and my weapon ?

you have to use burr and fine burr to upgrade your weapon, and
protection pot and luxury protection pot to upgrade your armor, and
elemental stones for the armor too.

8- Are there any risks if i upgrade my item ?

there is NO risk if you try to upgrade to +1 to +4. After +4, there is
some risk, the risk increase when your item plus is higher.

9- What are the chances of having a successful upgrade ?

+1 to +4 = 100 %
+4 to +5 = 50 %
+5 to +6 = 25 %
+6 to +7 = 17.5 %
+7 to +8 = 12.5 %
+8 to +9 = 4.25 % Good luck ! hehe.

10- What could happen if the upgrading procedure fails ?

there are 3 things which could happen if the procedure of upgrading fails :
1st : Nothing happen, the upgrade procedure fails, and nothing happen to your item.
2nd : The item become like it was in his originally state. (become +1, +2 or +3, it depends).
3rd : The item disappear, this is the worst action which could happen.

11- What will be the price of each stones if i buy them from the marketplace ?

there is no fix price, all depends of the price fixed by the seller.

12- Can i upgrade others items ?

in our game (ROF2) you can upgrade a necklace (guard necklace)

13- Can i upgrade weapons which have been bought from NPC ?

Of course you can, but you should not upgrade them because those weapons have an expiration.

14- Can i upgrade costumes ?

No you cant, but you can upgrade costume which has been attached with an armor.

15- Can I restore/retrieve weapons/armors that has been lost through failed weapon/armor upgrades ?

no, once the item has been lost, you cant get it again.

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