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 BOut quest bugs and mga doors n hindi mapasok

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PostSubject: BOut quest bugs and mga doors n hindi mapasok   Sun Aug 10, 2008 3:27 pm

[b]hey guys san merong patch to fix this issues gs2 ko din kasi tpausin mga quests ko kahit nmamaw n ahehehe hindi ako mkatapos s quest kasi hindi ako mak pasok s apinto, pag tapat ko sa pinto walng afirm n lumalbas.

here are the doors n di ko ma access

studnt center 1 and 2
bsat amg adorrs sa mp
door going to 2f and b2 hindi din ma access

and also yung moa sa bus wla ako hahahaha

ty admins and gm's sana ma fix ntin ito ty guys
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BOut quest bugs and mga doors n hindi mapasok
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